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AJ Roberts, COHENEL’s Head Coach, has been awarded the CBL Coach Of The Year, after leading his Warriors to aback-to-back U18’s championship while surprising everyone in also bagging the Men’s Division title with his kids from COHENEL amidst a league of fully-grown (and proven) men.

AJ has been steadily building something special in Enfield, with the core of his CBL team also representing his academy team at COHENEL.  In addition to CBL glory, his Warriors finished as the 3rd ranked team in the nation in the ABL finishing with an ABL record of 19-3, while making the AoC Cup Finals, which they unfortunately didn’t get to play, due to covid-19.

In the CBL, COHENEL have set a standard of excellence and consistency that has elevated them above the competition for the past 2 seasons.  Hungry, hard-working, respectful, and super-talented – in many ways, the team embody their coach.  They just get it done.  Developing a ‘program’ doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to successfully develop a culture and identity players, spectators and opposition can identify as uniquely your own.  Late nights and early mornings being part teacher, guardian, confidante, disciplinarian and that friendly shoulder a player knows he or she can trust to come through for them, sometimes when nobody else will.  AJ has been all of that, in building the Warriors up to the lofty heights they now maintain.  When people talk about COHENEL, it carries weight (and expectation) now.  There is a real feeling of family, unity, commitment, hard work, and competitiveness that drives the culture of the program, carefully put together by AJ, piece by piece.

His players will tell you, he’s a ‘players coach’ – because he understands what it takes to bring the best out of them and always has a drill or new skill to share with them, just when they think they’ve seen it all.  Opposing coaches will tell you, he’s one of the most respectful competitors you’ll find on the sidelines – always positive, whatever the outcome of the game may be.  To be liked or to be respected?  When it comes to AJ, you get the best of both worlds.  A coach who genuinely cares for his players, which is why they will run through a wall for him in competition, but who has the rare ability to develop talent at a premium level and understands the process – because he has lived through it himself.  He’s the type of coach who will never ask his players to do something he hasn’t done, (or can’t still do himself) as a top-level hooper himself, his words carry weight and his attention to detail is clear for all to see.  Best of all?  He’s just getting started…

In a league increasingly full of bright coaches, AJ shone the brightest this season and deservedly wins the 2019/20 CBL Performance Coach Of The Year.

Interested in joining COHENEL?  Places at the Academy are limited and selective, secured through trials held throughout the year.  To find out when the next trials are taking place and to secure your spot at an upcoming trial fill out the application form which can be found hereCOHENEL PLAYER TRIAL APPLICATION

Enfield Basketball Academy is managed and delivered by the London School of Basketball in partnership with the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London. The academy has been developed to provide an elite basketball training, competitions and player support program, alongside top-quality academic courses for aspiring 16-19 year olds in North London.

The London School of Basketball (LSB) is London's biggest and most exciting grassroots basketball development agency that focuses on growing the game from the grassroots upwards.  The LSB specialises in basketball coaching for players of all abilities, while also facilitating educational programs to develop new and improved coaches, stronger clubs and creating more opportunities to play all across the city.

London Basketball is the hub for all of the best grassroots hoops programs, events and competitions across the city.  Our network covers teaching the game (LEARN), playing the game (PLAY), developing the game (DEVELOP), and supporting players and coaches progress within the game (PROGRESS), at all levels.  If you're into basketball and in London, we've got you covered.  

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