Fun-filled basketball coaching for 5-16 year old boys & girls


  • LSB's Hoopstars coaching program puts the FUN back into learning the fundamentals!

  • Let our step-by-step instructional courses take you from absolute beginner through to basketball shooting star!

  • Hoopstars individual assessments and awards scheme run alongside quality-assured coaching sessions to provide boys and girls aged from 5-16 years old with skills-appropriate training sessions - so you know exactly where you are with your basketball development at all times.

  • Get involved and chase your first 'Star' and then work your way up to '5 Star' status and learn to play like a pro!.

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Hoopstars helps players of all abilities improve your game through structured coaching sessions that develop dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding and game play ability - delivered via a long-overdue format for basketball that puts parents and players in the driving seat.

  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Split into 5 key stages of learning, Hoopstars allows you to track your personal progress so you know where you are, what you've learnt and what you'll be learning next throughout each of the '5 Star' stages of the program.
  • TERMLY 'PLAYER' REPORT: You'll receive clear information on your progress through each stage, detailing areas for improvement, areas of strength and additional advice straight from your coach to continue to help you get better, compiled into your own personalised feedback report and emailed into your inbox each term.
  • AWARDS & CERTIFICATES: We conduct player assessments at the end of each term to monitor your progress.  Pass the level you've been training for and earn your official Hoopstars certificate and be rewarded with your colour coded 1/2/3/4 or 5 Star exclusive T-Shirt.
  • MAKE THE TEAM: All Hoopstars sessions are directly linked into one of our partnered clubs who compete in the Community Basketball League, giving you a direct pathway into playing for a team in live 5on5 games where you can put your newly developed skills into action!


Hoopstars coaches are all professionally proven, highly-proficient and passionate about passing on our knowledge to the next generation. All of our sessions follow a carefully planned curriculum, delivered by fully-qualified and DBS checked coaches which guarantees you get high-quality coaching in a safe and secure environment whenever and wherever you attend a Hoopstars session.

Nhamo ShireCEO
Founder & architect of Britain's biggest and most successful grassroots basketball programs. Former BBL pro and US scholarship student-athlete. Head coach of U18 National Champions with over 10 years head coaching experience across Junior & Senior National Leagues. Multi-year Junior & Senior National Champion.
Jay WilliamsTechnical Director
One of the best British point guards of all-time. Former Junior & Senior England International, 10 year pro career, 4-year starter, captain & US college scholarship recipient, captained GB National Team at World University Games. Coached National Teams at U20 and U16 levels. Head coach of the London Regional U17 team. National League Coach Of The Year. Head coach of the Michael Jordan Legacy program. Senior coach on NIKE skills camps. Lead assistant coach men's pro team in BBL. Nationally acclaimed talent development coach.
Julius JosephSenior Coach
Former GB International and Commonwealth Games medallist. 14-year pro career across Europe. NCAA All-American Honorable Mention & US College scholarship recipient. One of the most potent scorers and well-respected players in British modern-era.
Sam StillerSenior Coach
Former England Junior & Senior International. Decorated European pro career and widely regarded as one of the best British shooters of all time. Head coach of Midnight Madness Transatlantic Championship winning team. 3-time National League Coach Of The Year. 4-time National League Champion. Elite talent development coach.
Alex DuCasseCoach
Fully-qualified Level 2 Basketball Coach with extensive grassroots and National League experience. Selected as a key development coach for National Talent Development Pathway and currently coaches the London U15 Regional Development Team. Also holds a BA in Exercise Science and MSc in Strength & Conditioning.


Each and every single participant at our Hoopstars sessions are our highest priority and we only appoint coaches for Hoopstars who are fully qualified, DBS checked and committed to helping each player improve his or her basketball skills, understanding and overall general health and fitness.

We strive to create a fun-filled environment at all of our Hoopstars sessions and take great pride in providing the perfect balance between deep-level learning mixed with fun and good times.

We run Hoopstars because we are passionate about passing on all of our experience, knowledge and 'know how' to the next generation - sharing the magic of learning new skills and helping develop your son or daughter into the very best player and person they can be.

Your 'MVP' (Most Valuable Person) is our 'MIP' (Most Important Person) and our promise to parents is to do all we can to make sure your son or daughter has the most enjoyable, beneficial basketball learning experience in a safe and secure environment.







Objective: To learn fundamental footwork and basic movement skills and build overall motor skills for basketball through engaging games, individual and group drills instruction.
Objective: To learn the key dribbling, passing and catching techniques associated with solid basketball fundamentals and to be able to demonstrate each skill competently under assessment.
Objective: To learn the correct form and technique in shooting the ball through a variety of shots, including: Jump Shots, Set Shots, Free Throws, Lay Ups (both hands), Hook Shots - and to be able to successfully demonstrate the required skill under assessment.
DEFENSEFourth Star
Objective: To learn the correct defensive stance, footwork, slides, cuts and close out techniques individually while also learning how to rebound the ball, defensively and offensively at a high fundamental level.
Objective: To learn the basic strategies around team offensive and defensive play and how to integrate individual skills into a team setting and to be able to demonstrate team understanding and successful application in full 5 on 5 game play.


By getting involved with Hoopstars and playing basketball you'll...

  • #1: Have FUN and be part of an exciting new sport!
  • #2: Improve your overall health & fitness!
  • #3: Learn new skills and develop your ability!
  • #4: Meet new friends and play as part of a team!
  • #5: Increase self-confidence and uncover how great you really can be!
  • #6: Improve strength, agility & flexibility and become a better athlete!
  • #7: Improve your ability to focus, listen and communicate with others!
  • #8: Always be in the action - in basketball ALL players are involved ALL the time!
  • #9: Learn how to set goals and how to achieve them!
  • #10: Experience the joy of knowing how to 'get buckets' whenever you want!


Did you know?...


A basketball coaching program that focuses on teaching young players how to play the game, the right way.  With a 'fundamentals first' approach, we teach from the ground up, taking absolute beginners all the way through to the proficient elite.

Hoopstars classes are open to both boys and girls aged between 5 and 16 years of age.

All participants should wear suitable trainers (ideally, basketball shoes with proper support), sports socks and either shorts or tracksuit bottoms and either a t-shirt (or basketball vest), or suitable tracksuit top.  Parents should also ensure your child brings a bottle of water as Hoopstars sessions are full of activity and feature 2-3 water breaks per session.

Balls are provided at the session.

All participants are welcomed and introduced to the coaching staff and taken through group warm ups.  Players are then split into similar age and ability groups and assigned a coaching station with their coach and introduced to the coaching skill being taught on the day.  We learn, practise and refine technique through fully engaged games and drills for 50% of every Hoopstars session and then make sure we play actual games towards the latter part of the session.  At the end of each session, a quick recap on the key learning points of the day are summarised with the coaches, players are all congratulated on their efforts and encouraged for their next session.


Depending on the venue, parents are welcomed to stay and watch the coaching sessions - however, in some cases, this may not be possible if the venue is not able to facilitate.  If parents want to stay and watch the session,  please be sure to check with your Hoopstars head coach if your chosen venue has the necessary space for spectators.

Each Hoopstar session is 60 minutes (1 hour) in duration.

Hoopstars courses are between £60 - £84 per term, depending on the duration of the term (terms range from 10-14 weeks, throughout the year).

Hoopstars courses are split into termly learning modules.  Terms typically match the academic year and so range from 10-14 weeks throughout the year.  At the end of each term, players are assessed on their ability to perform the key skills taught during the modules and, if successful, are awarded a star certificate and moved up to the next level.

Places at Hoopstars session are bookable online by following this link: Hoopstars Online Booking

Hoopstars sessions run in line with the academic year, for the most part.  During half-terms and holiday breaks, Hoopstars sessions pause and are replaced by our LSB holiday camps, which can be reviewed and booked here: LSB Camps

The Hoopstars program is split into 5 levels of progression.  At the end of each term, every pupil is assessed by our team of coaches to review their ability to perform the skills learnt during the term.  If successful, they are awarded an official Hoopstars certificate and progressed up to the next 'star' level at the start of the next term.

Yes. We are connected to teams all across the city, with each Hoopstars session providing direct progression pathways straight into teams who play in our Community Basketball League, for both boys and girls of all ages.



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