This specialist LSB Advanced Skills Point Guard Camp is designed for experienced perimeter players who are ready to take their training up a level and are serious about getting better.

Join us this Easter for four intense days of position-specific skills training, 5-on-5 gamesworkshops, and player evaluations. You'll have the opportunity to have your game analyzed and assessed with in-depth feedback via our all-new individualized 'Player Scouting Reports'. This feedback will help you understand how coaches and scouts at the next level perceive you.

Our camp empowers you with new skills, new perspectives, and a better understanding of your own basketball journey, so you can ‘Change The Game’ and move yourself up the ranks. You'll build upon your ball handling ability, passing accuracy, and decision-making skills in transition and the half-court set, while improving your finishing skills in the lane and perimeter shooting skills so you can stretch the defense.

You'll also learn advanced scoring techniques and ‘high IQ’ PG strategies from experienced coaches and special guest international level point guard instructors. Our Volume 1 Camp featured GB International and 2-time BBL MVP Justin Robinson and Commonwealth Games medal winner Germayne Forbes, and Volume 2 will bring you up close and personal with even more elite international players who have been where you aspire to reach.

Our coaches will also work with you on the other side of the ball, helping you become a game-changing defender from the point guard position. You'll learn how to become a 'defensive disrupter' and how to force offensive players into making mistakes and spiraling out of control, so you become that player nobody wants to match up against.

But our camp isn't just about physical skill development. It's also about developing the mindset of a winning point guard. You'll learn how to become a better communicator, build your basketball IQ, and cultivate the leadership skills essential for leading a team to victory and performing your best when your team needs you the most.

In addition, we're introducing a US College recruitment workshop for Volume 2, where you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to take the next step in your basketball career. We'll show you what college coaches are looking for in a point guard, how to showcase your skills and talents, and the process you need to be aware of to put yourself in position to make the grade both on the court and in the classroom.

We'll also be testing your athleticism with a series of drills designed to measure your vertical jump, agility, speed, and lane agility. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal training plan that targets the areas you need to improve.

At the end of the camp, you'll receive a certificate of completion and achievement, as well as being in the mix to win one of the awards for the players who distinguish themselves at the camp. We'll also be releasing a Top 10 Point Guards ranking list at the end of this camp and providing all players with their own scouting report and player profile, to help promote your abilities to a wider audience.

This is your chance to take the next step on your basketball journey. We're serious about helping you get better and empowering you with the tools you need to take your destiny into your own hands, so you can truly 'Change The Game' and become the elite point guard you were meant to be. Places are limited, so sign up today to join us at Point Guard Camp - Volume 2 and become the player you were born to be.

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4 day camp during the Easter Holidays.  


*PLEASE NOTE: Camp places may be booked for single days or the whole week in line with your availability.




Bridge Road, Wembley HA9 9JP



To gain access to the site, please enter from the main road (Bridge Road) via the turnstiles. You will see an intercom system to the left of the turnstile. Use the arrows on the key pad to navigate to 'Sports Reception' then press the green 'bell' button to alert site staff to let you in.  Then proceed to the main reception area of the sports building ot the left of the turnstile.  The sports hall is located in this building.

Parking is available in pay and display bays outside the venue. Additionally ASDA has a large store 3 minutes away from the venue with additional parking for customers.


PRICE: £200 for the full camp or £50 per day. 

Bookings are taken via our safe booking portal hosted on Class4Kids.

Follow the link below to book while  spaces remain available.

Got more questions that have not been answered above?  Check out our Camps Frequently Asked Questions section to find the most commonly asked questions from parents who book our camps.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our staff who are happy to help with any other query you may have, here.



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