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A basketball camp is an instructional coaching enviroment for developing players that typically lasts for several hours, over consecutive days - providing participants with a longer, more qualitiative learning opportunity than they may be able to achieve in a typical weekly coaching session.


Camps are characterised by the provision of a broad base of coach-led lessons, designed to help improve the core skills and technical understanding for all participants involved.  

Basketball camps are practical coaching sessions designed to introduce and develop new skills to players of varying abilities.  Good camps should have a healthy balance between active physical participation, supported with the appropriate theoretical education that introduce players to the 3 key stages of learning:

(1) Cognitive - Where the player is introduced to a new skill, so will be expected to be inconsistent and make many mistakes.  At this stage, players require support and clear and postive guidance to show and tell them what they need to do.  At a good camp, coaches should be able to correctly demonstrate and explain the new skill using relatable, easy-to-understand language and step-by-step visual examples that simplify the new skill so the developing player can copy and apply the skill themselves.  Coaches should reinforce correct performance from players with positive feedback, while being patient, positive and proactive in helping rectify any incorrect technique.  During this stage of learning, repetition and feedback are paramount so the pupil is clear on how to perform the skill and has sufficient time to practise the skill themselves, under the experienced eye of a suitably qualified coach.

(2) Associative - Wher the player has a better understanding of the skill and becomes more consistent in being able to successfully perform it.  At this stage, there are fewer technical mistakes which enables the player to concentrate for longer while practising the skill and process more complex information on how the new skill may be used alongside other skills or for competitive advantage.  Players start to take 'ownership' of the developing skill and reinforce ability with more refined and foucsed repetitions.

(3) AutonomousAt this stage, players develop consistency and accuracy without the need for high levels of concentration on performing the skill.  Players are able to concentrate on other team-related taks and strategies, while performing the skill and adapt performance utilising the skill well, in game situations. 

Good basketball camps should be well organised by qualified and experienced coaches/practitioners who understand all 3 stages of learning and have the necessary ability to develop players within all 3 spheres, as appropriate.


LSB camps have developed a reputation as a 'consistently excellent' basketball learning environment for young players across London, due to our highly-popular programs and repeatedly positive feedback from both local and international participants.

Our difference lies in our unique approach to basketball development. We focus on creating a fun and welcoming environment, facilitated by charismatic and inspirational coaches who truly value each participant. This emphasis on fostering a positive atmosphere leads to significant improvements in not just basketball skills, but also in developing wider life-skills such as better health, improved focus and concentration, higher levels of listening and communication abilities of each of our participants.  We help reinforce positive characteristics and contribute to the development of well-rounded, accountable and responsible young people using basketball as our tool.

We take immense pride in the diversity of our offerings, having successfully delivered over 100 different skills development camps over the past seven years. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each camp experience is better than the last, offering fresh and engaging ways to learn and grow.

Feedback from former campers and parents consistently highlights the value they find in our ability to teach new skills, facilitate friendships, and deliver a fantastic experience.

With LSB, you are choosing a camp that is led by positive, responsible, and passionate professionals, dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential both on and off the court.

7-17 year old boys and girls of all abilities.

*In some circumstances, we may be able to accept 6 year olds if they have some previous experience of coaching or the sports camp environment and/or have an older sibling attending the same camp*

All camp activities are divided into age and ability working groups, so your child will not be out of his/her depth.  

Our coaches take great care and attention in assessing ability during initial drills and skills sessions then split the players into smaller work groups, who they will play and train with for the week, under the careful instruction of one of our qualified coaches.

Our camp work groups generally classify into the following work-groups:

(1) Beginners - Those who have limited experience and little to no previous coaching

(2) Intermediate - Those who have some experience and have been coached before

(3) Advanced - Those who play regularly and are coached as part of a team

(1) Suitable clothing - To participate in a LSB Camp, all participants must wear appropriate shoes Ideally basketball trainers/sneakers, but other trainers/sneakers are acceptable, providing they give adequate support around the feet and have a rubber outsole that does not easily slip on the playing surface.  Players also need to wear sports clothing they are comfortable exercising in.  We recommend shorts and a t-shirt, however, tracksuits are also acceptable (though keep in mind players will get warm due to the nature of the activities).

(2) Water - All participants are required to bring their own bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.  At most of our facilities, there are water fountains, however we recommend all campers are well equipped with their own water bottles as there are multiple hydration breaks scheduled throughout the day.

(3) Small snack - All campers are required to bring their own small snack each day of camp.  Our camps break for energy replenishment at the halfway point of each day, where campers are instructed to wash hands, eat a small snack (such as fruit or an energy bar or similar) and rehydrate with water (or juice).  All food and drink is to be prepared and provided by parents who should ensure their child comes with the food and drink in a suitable container.

(4) A basketball - All participants are encouraged to bring your own basketball for the individual training sections of a LSB Camp.  In the event that you do not bring a basketball, the LSB will have a reserve supply available for use on the day, however it is highly recommended parents invest in a basketball for your child as it will also benefit him/her post-camp and moving forwards in developing skills and ability.

Our camps are delivered on safe and secure academy sites, suitable for basketball coaching and games activities.  All venues have security gate entrance, changing and toilet facilities.  

Many of our venues also have on-site parking available, however please check our VENUES PAGE for confirmation of this relative to your site.  For full address and google map location of your site, please refer to our VENUES PAGE.

Parents are welcomed to come and watch the last 30 minutes of each camp where their child will be involved with live 5-on-5 games.  However due to the capacity capabilities of each venue, we ask that parents drop their children off, sign them in and the return at the scheduled pick up time each day.

All participants are welcomed and introduced to the coaching staff and taken through group warm ups.  

Players are then split into similar age and ability groups and assigned a coaching station with their coach and introduced to the coaching skill being taught within the learning station.  

Learning groups are then rotated through stations in 15 minute intervals, so a broad base of skills are taught and acquired during the morning sessions.

We learn, practise and refine technique through fully engaged games and drills throughout the first 2 hours up until break.

We then break for a short 15 minute refeulling (small snack, which parents should provide).

After the break we feature a key teaching topic of the day.  After the talk, all players are drafted into balanced teams who then compete in competitive 3on3 and 5on5 'NBA-styled' games. 

At the end of each day, we do a camp warm down and a quick recap on the key learning points of the day are summarised with the coaches, players are all congratulated on their efforts and encouraged for their next session.

No.  LSB Camps currently cater to day-campers with no overnight provision at this time.  Camps typically start at 9am and finish at 1pm, delivering a 4 hour, fully-engaged camp experience each day of the camp.

*Please be sure to check the specific timings of the camp you are interested in on the Camp Booking page*

No. LSB Camps do not currently accept childcare vouchers at this time.

Our cancellation and refund policy is detailed in full in section 4 of our Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to review all of the Terms & Conditions as they relate to your agreement to participate in a LSB Camp.

>LSB Terms & Conditions


We strongly recommend parents book for the full number of days you may be interested in as all places are subject to availability and our camps invariably reach capacity on pre-bookings.  However, if you book for one day and decide you'd like to book another on the same camp, we will do all we can to help accomodate a further booking if spaces allow.

No.  Registration typically opens 15 minutes before the start of camp with sign out taking place for up to 15 minutes after camp.  Parents are responsible for their children at all other times (excluding scheduled camp activities).

Please be advised of the following fees incurred for late pick ups:  

Up to 15 minutes late: Free of charge

15-30 minutes late: £15 late fee

30-60 minutes late: £45 late fee

60-120 minutes late: £90 late fee

*Please note, late fees are charged to contribute to partially covering the cost of additional charges levied to the LSB from the facility management company through which we hire facilities in the advent of any booking running later than scheduled due to late pick ups*

Yes.  All LSB camp coaches are fully-qualified and certified with the National Governing Body, DBS-checked  and suitably trained to deliver a safe, structured and technically sound basketball camp experience.

Yes.  All LSB coaching classes are insured to the value of £10M.  All LSB coaches also carry professional indemnity insurance in line with their professional coaching qualifications.  

*Please be advised that the LSB Public & Employers Liability Insurance does not absolve any participants and parents of participants in our camps from all obligations and warrants agreed to and undertaken in our Terms & Conditions which constitute the formal agreemeent between the LSB and the parent/guardian of the named participant at any of our camps or classes*

Yes.  The LSB is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all participants in our sessions.  Please take a moment to review our Safeguarding Policy, which can be found here: LSB SAFEGUARDING POLICY

Please take a moment to review our Terms & Conditions here: TERMS & CONDITIONS



"The camp was brilliant. Very well plannned and structured. The coaches were great! So friendly, funny and really know how to make the kids feel welcome and included. I have some playing experience myself and so I know the difference in levels of coaching ability when it comes to coaching my son. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and actual ability of the coaches to not only give clear instructions on the skills being taught, but actively demonstrate how to correctly perform them. We both learnt so much this week and look forward to coming back again"


"The coaches here care about what they do, that's clear to see. I have been very impressed with the positive atmosphere and level of coaching at the camp. Most of all, my son loves the camp and all of the coaches. Nice venue too!"


"LSB Camps are always well organised and my son asks to come back time and time again. Highly recommended if you your son or daughter are into basketball and you're looking for a positive and enjoyable experience for them over the school holidays"


"I've been looking for basketball camps over the holidays in London for some time now, so I was glad to find the LSB as my daughter loves basketball. After a week at the Easter camp I was blown away! So many new skills taught and the coaches really know how to include everyone in all of the activities. The motivational speech at the end was excellent! My daughter was very happy and we will be back at the next camp"


Discover our International Camps Program and travel overseas to expand your game and cultural horizons. Or alternatively, sign up for our London based Advanced Camps for higher-level instruction tailored to experienced and competitive athletes:


LSB Skills Development Camps are a lot of fun for young players passionate about basketball and are guaranteed to help players improve fundamental basketball skills, technical understanding of the game and overall health and fitness of every single camper, from the absolute beginner through to the next emerging hoops star! Our camps cover all of the core fundamentals and teach campers how to master the techniques around dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, defence, spatial awareness and movement off of the ball. We welcome early stage beginners and work with them to introduce the basics, through to advanced players who will work with our advanced coaches on refined skills, understanding and more complex techniques.

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