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Richard Dos Santos

Academy Wing
"This season the academy has been extremely patient with my development as a player but constantly pushing me to new heights with accessibility to a well-maintained court and more. Coach Sam has been key to my development and IQ, putting faith in me as player to lead the team trusting me with a vision I never saw in myself and constantly hinting at ways to improve myself, not telling me but nudging me to figure things out for myself allowing me to become the player I am today and who I want to be be in a few years from now."

Samuel Jean

Academy Point Guard
"At the start of the season I was turning the ball over alot and missing my scoring opportunities as I just didn’t understand organised basketball at this level. But coach Sam showed me all the details and intricacies down to a T to help me develop from plays to skills to footwork and he even went out of his way to give us extra conditioning above and beyond anything I've ever seen before. Coach Sam has helped me improve in every way and is always there for us, whether it's practice, games, conditioning, skill work, whatever and whenever. Coach Sam is an amazing coach that I’m truly grateful to have access to. I don't think there's a better coach than Sam"

Reece Campbell

Academy Wing
"Training with Coach Sam Stiller, has been an eye opener for me. From not knowing a lot about basketball at a higher level to now learning so much through him, he’s helped me improve my game in so many ways, such as shooting and dribbling, attention to detail and determination. Also playing at the academy has taught me that keeping my body conditioned and healthy is very important to be able to compete at high level. Coach Sam is always there at every session to help us improve and show us how to get to the next level. Our practices are detailed, always well-prepared and always challenging which has made us all so much better"

Ruben Antwi

Academy Guard/Wing
"The academy and coach Sam established a helpful and welcoming environment when starting my journey with the program. Coach sam has helped me greatly with my skill in basketball as I was mostly just a street baller with not a great amount of organised basketball skill when I first came here. However coach Sam is experienced and dedicated, literally the first one in and the last one out at every practice and his love for the game drove me to work hard and I began to develop better basketball IQ, foot work, finishing and team play. The academy and coach taught me more than just basketball, it's taught me the importance of consistency, patience, determination, heart, family and much more values like these which have helped me understand basketball is more than just a’s life."



City & Islington Basketball Academy is managed and delivered by the London School of Basketball in partnership with City & Islington College. A member of the LSB's 'Next Level Basketball Academy' network, this central London based program has been developed to provide an elite basketball training, competitions and player support program, alongside top-quality academic courses for aspiring 16-19 year olds in and around Central London. City and Islington College is one of the largest colleges in London, with a diverse student body of approximately 14,000 students. The college provides a first class learning environment where students can study A-Levels, BTEC's, HND's in addition to a wide array of vocational courses.

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