Midnight Madness is the biggest homegrown summer basketball tournament in the history of British basketball. No other summer competition has engaged more fans, provided more opportunities for players or done more to put UK summer basketball on the global map.

More than a game.  A 'movement' that empowers players to define their own shine, providing an equal opportunity for any baller from Street To Elite to compete on an international platform to show and prove they belong at the highest level, with the whole world watching.

This tournament is unlike anything else on the basketball circuit. We Ball Without Bias. Hype may get you to the door, but only your SKILLS will keep you on the floor. The ultimate 'pressure cooker' where legends are made and fakes get slayed. We showcase the winners each summer to a global audience and open up doors to help them turn their hoop dreams into hoop reality on and off the court. Hungry young guns go at established All-Stars in a 'winner takes all' battle for Hoops Supremacy - providing fans with the best in basketball entertainment, suspense and action-packed drama over the summer.

For 16 years straight, MM held the UK down worldwide, representing the under represented in places and spaces nobody could have ever imagined. New York, Chicago, LA, Miami, Washington, Paris, Milan, Madrid, the Caribbean and more. We did it all. LeBron, Busta, Chris Brown, TFB, DE and the birth of a whole dunk industry, all seeded in MM soil.  For over a decade 90% of all GB Internationals and 75% of all prime time British pro's had earned their reps at MM. After a long reign at the top - the tournament took an extended vacation to let the many seeds planted along the way, grow. Encouraging an inspired generation to go out and put their own mark on the game.

We're proud of the MM family of players, coaches, clubs, leagues, creators, influencers, artists, activists and entrepreneurs who are out here truly making a positive difference and pushing the culture forward...but it's time for the creators and innovators to bring back MM for a new generation of hoopers who have yet to experience 'the Madness'.  The young and hungry, who don't yet know what it really feels like to Ball through the night to earn the opportunity to play under the bright lights. To understand what it is to value every possession, to go after every rebound, every steal, block, dunk, three or assist...but don't might be the difference between joy or pain. Life or death. Do Or Die. Show & Prove. Elite Court and maybe, just maybe...that illusive Golden Ticket. Take your game to the big stage and let the world know who really reigns supreme.

Expect the unexpected...

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Midnight Madness is the biggest summer basketball tournament in British basketball history. An exciting, high-octane competition that invites players from 'Street To Elite' to 'Show & Prove' they have what it takes to earn a spot on the UK MM Elite Travel Team who take on international teams across the world, competing for life-changing opportunities in unrivalled environments. A platform for the under-exposed to gain global attention in a competition unlike no other.

The London School of Basketball (LSB) is London's biggest and most exciting  basketball development agency, who focus on teaching the game from the grassroots up.  The LSB specialise in basketball coaching for players of all abilities through a quality-assured, expansive network of qualified coaches and clubs throughout the capital.  We also facilitate educational programs and competitions to develop new and improved coaches, stronger clubs and remain committed to creating more opportunities for young Londoners to LEARN, PLAY, DEVELOP & PROGRESS within the game, all across the city.  

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