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Please click on the questions below to find answers to the most common camp queries.  However if you don't find an answer to your specific question, remember you can always get in touch directly for further help and information.

A basketball camp is an instructional coaching enviroment for developing players that typically lasts for several hours, over consecutive days - providing participants with a longer, more qualitiative learning opportunity than they may be able to achieve in a typical weekly coaching session.


Camps are characterised by the provision of a broad base of coach-led lessons, designed to help improve the core skills and technical understanding for all participants involved.  

Basketball camps are practical coaching sessions designed to introduce and develop new skills to players of varying abilities.  Good camps should have a healthy balance between active physical participation, supported with the appropriate theoretical education that introduce players to the 3 key stages of learning:

(1) Cognitive - Where the player is introduced to a new skill, so will be expected to be inconsistent and make many mistakes.  At this stage, players require support and clear and postive guidance to show and tell them what they need to do.  At a good camp, coaches should be able to correctly demonstrate and explain the new skill using relatable, easy-to-understand language and step-by-step visual examples that simplify the new skill so the developing player can copy and apply the skill themselves.  Coaches should reinforce correct performance from players with positive feedback, while being patient, positive and proactive in helping rectify any incorrect technique.  During this stage of learning, repetition and feedback are paramount so the pupil is clear on how to perform the skill and has sufficient time to practise the skill themselves, under the experienced eye of a suitably qualified coach.

(2) Associative - Wher the player has a better understanding of the skill and becomes more consistent in being able to successfully perform it.  At this stage, there are fewer technical mistakes which enables the player to concentrate for longer while practising the skill and process more complex information on how the new skill may be used alongside other skills or for competitive advantage.  Players start to take 'ownership' of the developing skill and reinforce ability with more refined and foucsed repetitions.

(3) AutonomousAt this stage, players develop consistency and accuracy without the need for high levels of concentration on performing the skill.  Players are able to concentrate on other team-related taks and strategies, while performing the skill and adapt performance utilising the skill well, in game situations. 

Good basketball camps should be well organised by qualified and experienced coaches/practitioners who understand all 3 stages of learning and have the necessary ability to develop players within all 3 spheres, as appropriate.


No.  BDA Camps are run by an organisation called 'Basketball Development Academy (BDA)', which is a new trading name of Eurobasket International.  Eurobasket International was founded by Coach Bane Vukovic and has successfully organised over 250 basketball camps, seminars and tournaments across Europe since 2007.

The LSB have partnered with BDA in order to provide British based players with new opportunities to expand and enrich their learning experience with excellent coaching, competitions and cultural exchange.

BDA's Programme is run by one of the top European coaches, Dejan Milojevic, who is currently the Assistant Coach of the Golden State Warriors (NBA).  Coach Milojevic has a globally respected reputation as one of the top development coaches in the world, and has worked with and developed NBA star players such as Nikola Jokic (NBA 2-time MVP), James Wiseman (Detroit Pistons), Boban Marjanovic (Dallas Mavericks), Ivica Zubac (LA Clippers) amongst many others.

11-18 year old boys and girls of intermediate-advanced abilities.

The BDA camps do not exclude early stage beginners, however maximum benefit will be better derived from players who have been taught the basics and seek to improve and strengthen skills with coaches who have coached at an elite level.

*In some circumstances, we may be able to accept 10 year olds if they are experienced and strong players*

The BDA International Summer Camp is taking place at the Kovilovo Sports Resort in Belgrade, Serbia in July 2023.

The camp runs from the 26th-31st July.

For more information about BDA, please visit their official website which can be found here:

If cancellation happens due to Covid government restrictions and/or if the flight is cancelled due to covid restrictions and the group or individual is not able to come to Belgrade for Basketball Development Camp for the above reasons only, 65% of fully paid total sum of camp fee is fully refundable. The remaining 35% of total sum of camp fee can be used within 6 months from the date of trip cancellation.

The above Cancellation Policy is applicable ONLY if the flight is cancelled and the group or individual is not able to come due to Force Majeure restrictions.

Our coaches take great care and attention in assessing ability during initial drills and skills sessions then split the players into smaller work groups, who they will play and train with for the week, under the careful instruction of one of our qualified coaches.  We recommend this camp is attended by children who have some playing experience to at least a basic level.

Our camp work groups generally classify into the following work-groups:

(1) Intermediate - Those who have some previous experience and have been coached before  

(2) Advanced - Those who play regularly and are coached as part of a team and can perform basic basketball fundamentals

(1) Suitable clothing - To participate in a BDA Camp, all participants must wear appropriate shoes for basketball; sport specific trainers/sneakers, that provide adequate support around the feet and have a rubber outsole that does not easily slip on the playing surface.  Players also need to wear sports clothing they are comfortable exercising in.  All participants will receive official BDA training vests and shorts for the camp, but are also advised to bring additional sets for the multi-day camp.

(2) Water each day - All participants are required to bring their own bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.  At most of our facilities, there are water fountains, however we recommend all campers are well equipped with their own water bottles as there are multiple hydration breaks scheduled throughout the day.

(3) Appropriate clothing, toiletries and personal items as may be needed for a 5 day residential (overnight) camp.  


BDA Camps are to be held at Kovilovo Sports Resort on the outskirts of Belgrade. This unique sports facility is one of the best in the Balkan region.

Facilities include 2 basketball indoor basketball courts, 2 outdoor basketball courts, a 4 star hotel, a fully equipped gym, luxurious outdoor swimming pool, childrens play area, outdoor eating areas and oppulent grounds for nature walks and outdoor relaxation.

Our aim is to provide to our campers with not just the best basketball training, but also with comfortable, enjoyable off-training time.

Please review CAMP DETAIL for more information on the facilities used for the 2023 camp.


All children who attend BDA Camps must do so with a parent/guardian or with their club coach, who must have permission from each child's parent/guardian to act under loco parentis during the entire time at BDA Camps, inclusive of the off-court and evening periods.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come with their children to the camp and are welcome to stay and watch the training, or go and enjoy excursions across Belgrade as your child trains.

Parents wishing to attend are only required to pay for their room and board at the hotel, in addition to organising flights to Belgrade.

To book at the hotel, please follow this link:

To join the group booking on flights with Air Serbia, please follow this link:

*Please note: both flights and hotel reservations are limited and are allocated on a 'first booked - first secured' basis.  Once they are full, parents will need to find alternative travel plans* 

We have 3 hours of daily training split into 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each. One training is in the morning and the other training is in the late afternoon.

After the first training session in the morning, time is reserved for players’ education. We believe that psychological preparation for games is very important for players’ development and in our camps we organize interesting lessons about this topic.

Also, we do teach players about exercises that help their basketball development, as well as about leading a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits.

BDA Camps work closely with the European Institute of Sports, and their lecturers are our guest-speakers.

After lunch and obligatory rest, we go for our second training session. Evenings are reserved for leisure, and we offer a number of Belgrade City tours for both players and coaches.

All in all, every minute of our camp has a lot of interesting activities after fun-filled training sessions.

Yes.  The BDA Camps are fully residential camps where you will stay at the Kovilovo Sports Resort.  

The hotel feaures modernly furnished, fully equipped accommodation units with free WiFi, a lounge area, air-conditioning, flat-screenTV, in-room phone, fully-fitted bathroom and shower, free toiletries and hair-dryer.

The price of participation at BDA Camps is £650 per player.

This price is inclusive of:

  • Full accommodation at the Kovilovo Sports Resort on a full-board basis (breakfast, lunch & dinner provided)
  • 2 daily coaching sessions
  • Guest speakers from the European Institute Of Sports 
  • Q&A with NBA coach Dejan Milojevic
  • Airport transfers to and from Belgrade Airport
  • Laundry washing of sportswear used for training
  • Camp uniform (top and shorts)
  • Official BDA Certificate for all campers


*Please note: this price is for all of the above only and does not include the price of flights to Belgrade.  Parents are responsible for the travel arrangements to Belgrade and returns*

The BDA organising committee have secured a group deal with Air Serbia for all of those travelling to Belgrade from London for the camp.

The fare is £389 return per person including taxes (while seats remain available in this group)

The flight fare is the same for both adults and children.

To book this fare on the camp group booking please follow this link:

You secure your child's place at a BDA Camp by completing the booking form and making a non-refundable before the 30th March to secure your child's place.  Payment in full, for your child's place, must then be made before the start of camp.  In the event you are booking camp within the 28 day commencement date, payment in full is required upon booking.

Camp booking form can be found here:

*Please note:  Any camp fees not paid in full, in respect of those who have paid a partial deposit, within 28 days prior to the Camp start date will be cancelled and all fees paid retained. All fees paid will be forfeited by anyone cancelling a Camp within 28 days of the camp start date.

First aid cover is available throughout the camp and minor analgesics (paracetamol), throat lozenges and cough linctus may be dispensed as necessary.  By signing up to our camp you are agreeing to this treatment if required, unless written objection is received in advance.  

BDA Camps have a doctor available on site and also medical staff present during out training camps.

*These measures should not be confused with BDA Camps providing any medical or personal loss or injury insurance. All participants are required to take out a Personal Insurance Policy that includes medical cover.  For the avoidance of doubt, BDA Camps are under no liability, at any level, under any circumstance, in respect of any personal loss or injury any attendee may sustain.*



SAFETY – Regulations for the safety and comfort of attendees must be observed.

BEHAVIOUR – BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT CAMPS (BDA) reserve the right to send home anyone who demonstrates thoroughly unreasonable behaviour. BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT CAMPS are not responsible for travel expenses.

PERSONAL LOSS OR INJURY – The organizers of this camp are under no liability whatsoever in respect of personal loss or injury any attendee may sustain.

DEPOSIT – A non-refundable deposit is paid on booking to secure place.*
(* please read below our Covid19 refund policy)

DEPOSITS  - Places at BDA camps can be secured with a 50% deposit at time of booking.  However, payment in full must be received 28 days before the start of your camp.  Any outstanding fees that remain unpaid 28 days prior to camp start date will result in cancellation of  and all fees paid retained by BDA.  For the purpose of clarity, all fees paid will be forfeited by anyone cancelling a camp within 28 days of the camp start date.

PHOTOGRAPHS – Names, video footage and photographs may be taken and used electronically for marketing purposes, objections will be respected.

MEDICAL COVER – First aid cover is available throughout the camp and minor analgesics (Paracetamol), throat lozenges and cough linctus may be dispensed. By signing Terms & Conditions you are agreeing to this treatment if required unless written objection is received in advance. Any further treatment required will be administered by a local surgery.

COVID CANCELLATION POLICY - If cancellation happens due to Covid government restrictions and/or if the flight is cancelled due to covid restrictions and the group or individual is not able to come to Belgrade for Basketball Development Camp for the above reasons only, 65% of fully paid total sum of camp fee is fully refundable. The remaining 35% of total sum of camp fee can be used within 6 months from the date of trip cancellation.

The above Cancellation Policy is applicable ONLY if the flight is cancelled and the group or individual is not able to come due to Force Majeure restrictions.

All the participants who attend Basketball Development Camp must take out a Personal Insurance Policy. Basketball Development Camp has a doctor available, and we also have medical staff present during our training.


Marco, 15

"The Belgrade International Camp was amazing! The coaches taught me so much about basketball and helped me improve my skills on the court. I also met some amazing friends from all over Europe, and we still keep in touch. Can't wait to go back next year!"


"We were initially hesitant about sending our child overseas for a camp, but the BDA Belgrade International Camp exceeded all our expectations. The coaching was first-rate, and the experience provided our son with a unique cultural experience that will stay with him forever. We highly recommend it!"
"My son attended the Belgrade International Camp last summer, and it was a transformative experience for him. The coaching staff was professional, knowledgeable, and truly cared about his development. He came home with new skills, increased confidence, and wonderful memories of Belgrade."


Parent from UK
"Attending the Belgrade International Camp was the best decision I've ever made. Not only did I get to learn from some of the top coaches in Europe, but I also met and had advice from a NBA player and also Golden State Warriors coach. This experience has inspired me to work even harder on my basketball when I get home."

Dmitri, 17

BDA Camp Player from Greece


Discover our London-based Skills Camps for all ability levels, from beginners to advanced players. Or alternatively, sign up for our Positional Camps for higher-level instruction tailored to experienced and competitive athletes:


LSB International Camps are an exciting opportunity for young basketball players to experience the game on a global scale. Our camps provide a unique cultural exchange for London-based players, as they get to learn from and play against international competition while developing their basketball skills in amazing locations. With a focus on excellent coaching, fun, and learning, our international camps offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will help players grow both on and off the court. We partner with leading basketball camp providers across the globe to deliver new opportunities that combine basketball skill development with cultural expansion designed to take your game to the next level while having fun and making new friends from all over the world.

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