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A basketball coaching program that focuses on teaching young players how to play the game, the right way.  With a 'fundamentals first' approach, we teach from the ground up, taking absolute beginners all the way through to the advanced level basketball skills competency.

Hoopstars classes are open to both boys and girls aged between 8 and 17 years of age.

Mini-Hoopers classes are open to boys and girls aged 5 and 7 years of age.

All sporting activities carry some level of risk, as with all other areas of active society.  However, it's important to note that basketball has been authorised to continue with coaching and competive games for all participants under 18 in groups of up to 25, providing the activities are following Basketball England's Return To Play guidelines for safe management of those activities.

As a leading provider of basketball programs across the region, the LSB have worked with and implemented all of the RTP COVID-19 saftey measures across all of our sessions, which are summarised in our LSB COVID-19  RULES & GUIDELINES overview, which all parents and players should read prior to any participation in our sessions.

All participants (players, coaches and staff) are required to complete a COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE prior to any active involvement with any of our programs and also update our COVID-19 PARTICIPANT STATUS UPDATE form, should their circumstances change.

In addition, we have a detailed information section on our website for players, parents and coaches so you can be aware of the latest developments with regards to basketball's status with COVID-19 and also the measures we are taking to ensure all of our sessions are managed and run in the safest possible way.  Please take a moment to review all of the information on our LSB COVID-19 INFORMATION CENTRE

Yes. Hoopstars sessions are purposely split into similar age and ability groups to ensure participants develop at the right pace with 'teammates' just like them.  This ensures no children are 'left behind' by being overlooked or overwhelmed by more experienced players in each of their sessions.

In light of the latest COVID-19 health and safety guidelines issued by the governing body of basketball,  all participants are required to come to the sessions already dressed in suitable sportswear, underneath a tracksuit or clothing that can be easily taken off on the side of the court.

There will be no changing facilities at any Hoopstars sessions during the COVID-19 restricted era in line with the rules placed on all facilities.

Participants should wear suitable trainers (ideally, basketball shoes with proper support), sports socks and either shorts or tracksuit bottoms and either a t-shirt (or basketball vest), or suitable tracksuit top if preferred.

Parents should also ensure your child brings a bottle of water as Hoopstars sessions are full of activity and feature 2-3 water breaks per session.  No sharing of water bottles is permitted and there will be no use allowed of any public water fountains, in line with COVID-19 compliance.

All participants are also asked to bring your own basketball for the skills sessions, again, in line with COVID-19 compliance. 

Where possible, please bring your own sanitiser, however additional sanitiser will be available at all sessions.

All participants are welcomed and introduced to the coaching staff and taken through group warm ups.  Players are then split into similar age and ability groups and assigned a coaching station with their coach and introduced to the coaching skill being taught on the day.  

We learn, practise and refine technique through fully engaged games and drills for 50% of every Hoopstars session and then make sure we play actual games towards the latter part of the session.  

At the end of each session, a quick recap on the key learning points of the day are summarised with the coaches, players are all congratulated on their efforts and encouraged for their next session.


During the COVID-19 health and safety restrictive era, parents are not permitted into the sports hall to watch the sessions or congregate outside.  

Parents are to drop their children off at the entrance where you will be greeted by one of the coaches or staff members and then pick up your child at the designaged collection point at the end of the session.

In normal circumstances, we welcome parents to stay and watch the coaching sessions, whenever space allows.  However, the guidelines issued by the governing body for safely administering all coaching sessions during this time, stipulate that a maximum of 30 people (inclusive of coaches, staff and participants) are permitted in a sports hall at any one time.

Each Hoopstar session is 60 minutes (1 hour) in duration.

Hoopstars courses range between £60 - £90 per term, depending on the duration of the term and location of the session.  For specific pricing, please refer to the booking page of the session you wish to join. 

Hoopstars courses are split into termly learning modules.  Terms typically match the academic year and so range from 10-14 weeks throughout the year.  At the end of each term, players are assessed on their ability to perform the key skills taught during the modules and, if successful, are awarded a star certificate and moved up to the next level.

Places at Hoopstars session are bookable online by following this link: Hoopstars Online Booking

Hoopstars sessions run in line with the academic year, for the most part.  During half-terms and holiday breaks, Hoopstars sessions pause and are replaced by our LSB holiday camps, which can be reviewed and booked here: LSB Camps

The Hoopstars program is split into 5 levels of progression.  At the end of each term, every pupil is assessed by our team of coaches to review their ability to perform the skills learnt during the term.  If successful, they are awarded an official Hoopstars certificate and progressed up to the next 'star' level at the start of the next term.

Yes. We are connected to teams all across the city, with each Hoopstars session providing direct progression pathways straight into teams who play in our Community Basketball League, for both boys and girls of all ages.





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